About us



My Name is Yvette, 25 years old and living in The Netherlands. All my live I've been in love with photography. In 2015 I decided to make a big step in my life; traveling. And then why not start at the other side of the world?


I started traveling Australia and New-Zealand; first alone and afterwards with people I met along the way.

Since then I fell in love with traveling.


Luckily my boyfriend loves to travel as well! Together we've seen quite a lot and we share our love for secret places, photography, nature and new places.


All together I decided to create a place where I can share this with people. Fist of all because I love to help people and second because I realized how enthusiastic I became when I told people about the places we've visited.


So, from now on I do what I love; sharing our travels with you.

All this in our favourite world.


info@ourfavouriteworld.com | www.ourfavouriteworld.trvl-hotels.com | Yvette@oatravel.co.za